Here you will find the answers to the most common questions we receive. If you do not find answers to your question you are welcome to contact us.

What does my everybike weigh?

Your bike weughs about 13 kg.

How many gears does the bike have?

All the models are single speed, wich means the have one gear.

How is the bike delivered?

När du köper din din cykel så skickas den med PostNords till ditt närmaste utlämningsställe
When you buy your everybike we send it to your closest place for pick-up, send ut to your home or book an appointment for you to pick the bike up at our office in Gothenburg (ingenjörsgatan 5).


What kind of brakes are there on the bike?

All bikes have a front and rear break.

How do I assemble my bike?

Your bike is delivered 80 percent assembled. You will have to attach the handle, front wheel, saddle and pedals, wich is smoothly done with the help of our manual (included). Tools are included to.

What warranty do you provide?

We provide cotumary one year warranty and three years of reclamation right, given that there are original faults with your product. Read more under Terms..

What payment options are there?

We offer smooth payments with Klarna, where you can devide payments over time or pay by invoice. You can also use the common payment cards or Swish (if you pick the products up at our office).

Can I pay by invoice outside of Sweden?

No, invoice option is only available in Sweden.

Why have I received an invoice from Klarna?

If you chose the payment method invoice it is handled by Klarna. For support with invoices or other payments made by Klarna call 08-120 120 10