About us

Everybikez is about a colourful dream to create, friendship and of course much more. But mainly it is the product of all our dreams and hard work, to find the bike that we have seen before us. A big part has also been about making a bike that will suit all personalities, everywhere everyday.

We who have done everything to end up in this dream are three friends. Three friends with very different backgrounds, and we think that is key to what we have made so far. The future looks bright and we are truly inspired by the bicycle initiative we can see in many parts of the world right now. Colors, designdand style. At a fair price and with no loss in quality, that is what we stand for. Simplicity and hard work with factories and no middle men has also helped ur price the bike to be affordable. Last but not least we have worked and will keep on working to make everybikez more than just a product. We wish it to be a riding, happy lifestyle with a dream that every single onw of our customers will feel proud to own and ride an everybike. Every meter at the time.